The Yamaha evolves 04GEN

The Yamaha evolves 04GEN

Runway imagined based on the concept c scooter just introduced in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. The peculiarity of this prototype lies in the design of its visible frame through semi-transparent outer parts. The current Yamaha Tricity already provides some elements devised for this model “concept”.

In the past, Yamaha has already presented three prototypes of the same family: the 01GEN model in 2014, versatile vehicle with two wheels in front, the 02GEN model, stylish wheelchair electrically assisted, also in 2014, and in 2015, a model 03GEN, mobility solution enhanced by the colors, materials and optional finishes for the TRICITY.

aluminum frame, transparent fairings in composite materials (aprons and side wings), solo seat (leather visibly) suspended instrumentation entrusted to your smartphone: the whole is very “design” or futuristic, but the general line has something terribly retro.
Could not make the connection with the Vespa 946, the deck at the stern through the handlebars, and even before the fire front suspension that evokes a pendulum system (but here the fork is reversed). The wheels seem to incorporate a braking system “in board” with disks integrated in the hub (see the Honda CBX 400, 550 etc. 80s).

Finally, note obvious retro inspiration, especially for the front metal grille mini, integrated fire handlebar and saddle Air Vespa 946. The way back is to the far more modern reverse, if not downright futuristic with its central fire lEDs. your opinion on this style of exercise you are invited to share until the next Yamaha announced its willingness to regularly introduce new GEN concept!

The Yamaha evolves 04GEN 1

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