The world view of BMW concept Z4 is released

The world view of BMW concept Z4 is released

A high-end event competing for its beauty centering on classic cars is Pebble Beach · Competition · Deregans. In this 67th time this event, BMW announced that it will release the next generation Z4 design study model. While no specs are released, Z4 likelihoods such as long nose and short deck, truncated rear overhang etc. are alive while adopting new attempts to show the direction of design of next generation BMW everywhere.

BMW has released the official promotional image of “Concept Z4” according to the world premiere at Pebble Beach Competition Deregans California.

“BMW Z4” to fully remodel to the 3 rd generation in 2018. The concept Z4 that plays the role of advance notice was made for the purpose of showing the direction of design which is the biggest feature of the new Z4. (Carview!)

Adrian van Hoydink, who led the company’s design department, said, “With the trimmed bonnet and a sharp overhang, we were able to place the driver seat closer to the center of the car body than conventional models.”

The world view of BMW concept Z4 is released

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