World premiere of the new T-Roc

World premiere of the new T-Roc

With the steadily rising cost of new vehicles, it’s tough for newly licensed drivers to afford an all-new vehicle. However, for those lucky enough to receive a nice set of fresh wheels on their sweet sixteenth, we’ve got the top cars to consider.

Volkswagen will be offering the new crossover based on the ’T-Roc’ specification version. In addition, two higher lines on a par with each other, ’Sport’ and ’Style’, are available in parallel for maximum personalisation of the T-Roc. While the T-Roc ’Style’ is characterised by exclusive touches such as the interior’s decorative panels available in a choice of four colours, the focus in the case of the T-Roc ’Sport’ is on sporty features such as the standard sport comfort seats.

Although the T-Roc’s styling is not outlandish like Toyota’s C-HR is, it manages to combine that straightforward VW elegance with some muscular SUV design traits, like those flared wheel arches, swept-back C-pillar and beefy diffuser, and there are some funky personalisation options available.

When it goes on sale it will do battle with the  Volvo Xc90 and the new BMW X5.Pricing has yet to be confirmed for the new car but to compete with its competition a figure of around £45,000 seems likely.

World premiere of the new T-Roc

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