World Consecration to the Toyota Mirai

World Consecration to the Toyota Mirai

By cons, according caps surrounding the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, venue of the last major auto show of the season, we were able to drive a car with fuel cells … which acts like a hybrid. It is however not. (For more details, read our next test.

The Mirai and Prius are in effect found among the eight selected innovations compete for the title of World Green Car of the Year 2016 (World Green Car of the Year 2016). A jury of 73 journalists from 23 countries, was then appointed the two Toyota vehicles to be among the three finalists. Ultimately, it is the Mirai who received the ultimate accolade.

“As a recognized leader in hybrid technology, for us it is an honor to receive an award of this magnitude. It is a true recognition of efforts undertaken long ago by Toyota for the fuel cell, a compelling mobility solution, safe and effective in showing the way towards the ultimate EcoCAR “responded Karl Schlicht, Vice- President Sales & Marketing of Toyota Motor Europe.

It is recalled that the Mirai emits only water vapor. Pioneer of hydrogen drive for mainstream it was launched in Europe in September 2015. It is available in long-term rental or purchase in the United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark. Its marketing will begin soon in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, bringing to seven the number of European countries where it is available, plus Japan and the United States.

World Consecration to the Toyota Mirai 1

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