Williams build the ultimate air cooled six cylinder

Williams build the ultimate air cooled six cylinder

It is an air-cooled block with 4.0 liters of contents, four valves per cylinder and no less than 500 hp. The block is based on the 3.6 mounted around a 911 (964) around 1990. It’s good that the block is capable of achieving no turbo. Singer and Williams have increased the driving range to as much as 9,000 rpm and rebuilt the block. In addition, aluminum, titanium and carbon are used.

In addition to the 911 engine, he designed the twelve cylinder that made the Porsche 917 so gigantically successful in racing. The six cylinder from the Porsche 935? A Mezger design. The engine from the 956 and 962? Mezger. And that’s just a few of the most successful engines in his hand.

The result is an atmospheric six-cylinder box engine (of course!) With a 4 liter cylinder capacity. He gets air cooling and supplies 500 hp (as much as the new 911 GT3 with water cooling, in comparison this can count …)! The crankshaft and the exhaust are titanium and this fantastic block is running 9,000 rpm.

Then the only bad news (apart from the price, but you’ve already done so): known as a one-off collaboration between Singer and Williams F1. As a goodmaker we give you a gallery with delicious pictures. Also look at those air inlets that are hidden in the rear side windows.

Williams build the ultimate air cooled six cylinder

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