Wild and Wonderful Mercedes G550 4×4²

Wild and Wonderful Mercedes G550 4×4² 1

The SUV debuted last year and like most small-batch European cars, was only available outside the U.S. Now, according to Mercedes, American buyers will have a chance to purchase the G550 4×42 for themselves starting next year. Besides the blinding neon green paint job, the G550 4x 42 features over 17” of ground clearance, three locking differentials, portal axles, and is powered by the same 4.0-liter Biturbo V-8 engine from the Mercedes-AMG GT S and the C63.  It also receives a suspension setup that makes hardcore off-road enthusiast drool, with dual springs, damper struts, and two stabilizer bars.

This remarkable piece of engineering means the car has a 51.6-degree approach and 43.8-degree departure angle (a normal G-Class can only manage 30 degrees) and a fording depth of 1 meter. It also means that for the uninitiated at least, it will seem like someone’s allowed a monster truck on the road.

The Teutonic box, which, yes, will come in more than just neon green, is powered by the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine found between the frame rails of the AMG GT S. Under the well-chiseled hood of the G550 4×4², however, it produces 416 horsepower.

The G550 4×4² also rides on assertive off-road tires and an adaptive suspension with dual springs, damper struts, adjustable shocks, and dual stabilizer bars to help maintain what Mercedes’ press information graciously calls “sporty performance” on paved roads, while keeping the ride as smooth as could be expected while crawling over rocks and ruts.

Wild and Wonderful Mercedes G550 4×4²

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