the wheel of the Lexus LC


But we wonder if the latter might fit a little too tightly for luxury-coupe clientele, and they have surprisingly few adjustments: no bolster or thigh-control adjustment and only two-way lumbar. The LC is a more dynamic grand touring alternative to the S-class or 6-series coupes, but it’s not nearly as dynamically fabulous as a Porsche 911—and it’s roughly 1000 pounds heavier.

The Internet is awash in opinions about the front end of the car and its many diverging angles. Personally I like it. But maybe I’ve spent too much time staring at the face of a Prius here in L.A.

The downside is an infotainment system — Lexus calls it Remote Touch Interface — that is extremely hard to decipher. I defy anyone to calibrate the tripmeter for the average fuel economy without the help of Bill Gates. And pairing the phone isn’t done in the “Phone” section of the interface, but somewhere deep in the “Settings” section. Silly, stupid and unnecessarily complicated.

Spawned from the 2012 LF-LC concept and based on a new lighter, stiffer ‘GAL’ rear-drive platform (that will also underpin the next-generation LS limo), you can have your LC in two distinct flavours – identical twins, if you like, but with polar opposite approaches to the same task: hurling you down a road and making you look sexy while you’re at it.


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