wheel drive for the Mini Clubman

wheel drive for the Mini Clubman

Mini Clubman sells this spring All4 easy it is to understand that this is a version with four-wheel drive his wagon launched last fall. The 4×4 system that Mini has an electro-hydraulic management. It remains a front wheel drive in normal use and becomes a four-wheel drive when the system detects a loss of traction. The couple is then distributed on both axles.

This ALL4 version is now available with the Cooper S and Cooper SD versions, so with engines of 2 liters 194 and 190 horsepower. The Cooper S leaves the choice between manual six-speed gearbox and BMW eight-speed, while the SD version comes only with automatic eight-speed with paddle shifters. The pilot has a “launch control” button on the dashboard. The Clubman is offered a first prize of 31,500 euros for the Cooper S manual gearbox, to 33,470 euros with the automatic and 34,900 euros for the Cooper SD.

The Mini Clubman All4 team is an electronic differential lock EDLC, a DTC traction control, and a “Performance Control” in addition to the traditional DSC stability control. According to Mini, the addition of all-wheel drive would not change the dynamic capabilities of the Mini Clubman, already heavier than a normal Mini. Our test a Cooper Clubman had happily unveiled own behavior to the brand.

AWD is only available on the Mini Clubman to the most puissantes.C’est engines so the Cooper S of gasoline 192ch, and Cooper SD diesel 190ch that the honor to inaugurate the new transmission All4. The Cooper S series offers manual gearbox six-speed ZF automatic transmission with eight reports being available as an option. The Cooper SD by cons, offers only the ZF automatic transmission. Financially, the Mini Clubman All4 demand an extra € 2,000 area.

wheel drive for the Mini Clubman

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