What would a supercar Tesla

What would a supercar Tesla

Did you know ? A Model S is designed to travel on land, but it is not a little water will frighten him. This happy Russian owner has proved crossing casually flooded tunnel driving his Tesla. Even when the vehicle had more foot (so to speak), it has continued to advance and the driver got out of there without difficulties.

Who would not want to be friends with Elon Musk history to have a small discount on a Tesla? Well, no need to dream. For the boss Tesla is not kind to distribute favors. It is the experience that made Lyndon Rive is however not anyone. Elon Musk is his cousin and, incidentally, this Californian born in Pretoria (South Africa) is the boss SolarCity, a company that belongs to the founder of Tesla. In short, Lyndon Rive is not really what may be called a “freeloader”.

Yet he reveals in an interview with Tech Insider, the Tesla will buy it at retail price. “I asked Elon:” Hey, as a family member, do I get a discount “And his answer was very clear:” Yes of course, goes on TeslaMotor.com buys the car and the price you see will already be a “friendly price”. “and it has cooled Lyndon Rive who offered a Model S and his wife a Model X.

To design the supercar, the artist was inspired by the Saleen S7, as we can see, thanks to the design of the doors and windshield. It also happens to recognize some Tesla codes with, for example, at the front, the look of the headlights and grille, similar to the Model S before restyling.

What would a supercar Tesla

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