VW Tiguan The top candidate

VW Tiguan The top candidate

Similarly advantageous saw the sales figures from Austria, where the Tiguan with nearly 6300 units sold was the absolute number 1 in the compact SUV segment.

If you like the Tiguan-I (or liked), is also like the new version, so much can already say after initial contact with the Wolfsburg compact SUV. Since it does not matter that the new vintage – must deal with a lot more competitive than at the start nine years ago – thanks to the incredible SUV boom.

The new Tiguan, from next Thursday, April 28 ’16, in the Austrian Volkswagen showrooms, takes a large burden. After all, we are talking about a hugely successful car, which is next to the Polo, Golf and Passat, the fourth pillar in the VW business and has since its launch in 2007 has been found in 170 countries, more than 2.8 million buyers.

Amazing: Still in the previous year, have already been launched as a specialist media first, still somewhat vague information about the follow-generations succeeded VW, 240,000 pieces for sale.

The Tiguan pilots expect a well-known from the VW Golf fittings landscape with self-explanatory operating structure, all switches and levers are unerringly exactly where they should be.

New VW Tiguan growing off road

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