VW Polo 2017

VW Polo 2017

Against the generation built on the PQ25 platform can be expected also roomier cabin and trunk. Ten of the Spanish hatchback has risen to 355 liters, with the Volkswagen Polo but the volume will largely determine the sloping roofline and sloping rear window. These elements have a novelty to deliver a more dynamic appearance and a redesigned front grille.

This also relates to offer only five-door body, although British sources also mention the return třídvířka. It was, however, contradicted previously, particularly with regard to the reduction of costs at the German automaker. For the same reason, it is a question of existence variant CrossPolo, which got a pair of protective Plaat and more headroom. However, since this direction competitor, Volkswagen probably will not miss the party.

With less powerful propulsion units (80 and 95 hp) will be paired with five-speed manual, the rest of the menu, you can expect a six-speed gearbox. In some cases it will be possible to pay extra for a seven-stage machine, but not for all-wheel drive. Its implementation is indeed possible platform, but according to the management of VW Group’s interest in the 4×4 segment is not high.

Since the engine compartment may move to the dimensions where certainty is probably just a wheelbase of 2564 mm. The remainder of the Polo but compared Seat Ibiza will vary due to different design. However, only by millimeters, it can be expected to preserve some 4,06metrové length, width and 1,78metrové 1,44metrové height. Like a Spaniard and a German, then he gets wider track.

VW Polo 2017

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