VW Golf The next chapter

VW Golf The next chapter 1

In fact, more has been done under the restrained redesign. The facelift is also very close to the design tradition of the Golf. The few new accents make him look fresher and more active, but his predecessor is not old.

By means of the gesture control, the driver moves the horizontally arranged menu points to the left and right by means of wipers. So he moves through the main menu, changes the radios or scrolls in the music albums. The Golf can be networked with current Apple and Android smartphones. The “Doorbird” function is one of many that is felt to be useful or superfluous.

Most new details are also available in the Golf Variant, Golf Sportsvan and in the 230 and 245 hp more powerful GTI versions. Golf versions with E or hybrid plug-in drive will follow in March. With this, the Golf is finally heading towards high-tech. Whether the customers’ wallet will follow will be shown. A 230 hp GTI with 6-speed DSG from 31.975 euro, and a GTD variant with 184 hp and 7-speed DSG starts at 34.475 euro. Without extras, of course.

The chassis creates the ridge between sportiness and comfort, the golf is balanced on asphalt. The steering acts directly, the new 7-speed DSG switches unnoticeably and saves fuel (0.3 liters / 100 km, says VW).

Up to speed 60, the new Golf is partially automated: steering, accelerating, braking – the golf takes. This worked astonishingly well at the first OÖN test.

VW Golf The next chapter

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