VW Golf GTI First Decade et Golf GTE Variant

VW Golf GTI First Decade et Golf GTE Variant

The GTI First Decade Golf is therefore a “base” GTI on which the Wolfsburg trainees pushed the 2 liter turbocharged to 410 hp on the front wheels and mounted a 48 kV 12 kW electric motor on the rear axle. Strangely, Volkswagen remains little talkative on the traction of the beast which also has the particularity of offering only two places. The rear seat has been removed to allow a 1690 watt audio system with 11 speakers and a subwoofer.

The up! GTI features a GTI grille with red stripes, and the GTI logo, of course. It is equipped with spoilers, decorative strips and a good dose of attitude. The sports suspension lowers the car by 15mm allowing the 17-inch wheels to properly fill the wings. The cockpit features seating covered with tiled fabric, a steering wheel and a lever knob from the large GTI.

The concept adopts a specific cosmetic presentation, with 19-inch Golf R rims and aerodynamic appendages of the Golf GTI.

The Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept should remain unique. However, a limited series is not to be ruled out and, in one way or another, the hybrid module of the brand will gain power over time.

VW Golf GTI First Decade et Golf GTE Variant

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