VW Crafter New development begins to reveal

VW Crafter New development begins to reveal

Great news before the start of the autumn sales meanwhile presents for the first sketches that suggest the look of the car. Certainly no surprise that the new Crafter will continue the current trend in the design of Volkswagen, which will mean a sharp edge, and headlights directly connected to the radiator grille with horizontal slats. The author of shapes is team chief designer of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Alberta-Johanna Kirzinger. The specialty will aerodynamics, drag coefficient is only 0.33, which according to the manufacturer’s best value in the segment.

The second generation of the Crafter will by automakers built on a completely new platform. If the predecessor was the only přeznačkovaný Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen has developed a new product already without the help of Daimler.

A new generation of the Volkswagen Crafter been developed without the cooperation with Daimler. Sales to the car enters the fall.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles continues to complete the renewal of its model range. After a new caddy, new model line T6 (Multivan et al.) And modernized Amarok was time for the biggest model in its bid, crafter. New generation large van, this time the automaker has developed without the help of Daimler.

VW Crafter New development begins to reveal 1

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