VW Crafter 2017

VW Crafter 2017

It is as yet unclear whether the two automakers were definitively split. We know, however, that the new Crafter should get better endowed materials and offers even wider scope. Technicians brand had worked closely with the owners of existing vehicles, which asked about their vision and routine.

Except that the news also boast pohlednějším design, with whom he has come to the best in class aerodynamics – the drag coefficient had dropped to just Cd 0.33. This information is available to us but ends on Volkswagen engines are not mentioned a word. Sazka only diesel but it will not be the case.

The current version of Volkswagen Crafter is on the market for ten years. No wonder then that the German automaker actually began advising the arrival of a new generation. It should appear in the next few months, as the brand has already confirmed that since autumn scurries sale. But what we should expect major changes, which also related to the relocation of production to Poland Wrzešně.

The construction of the local Volkswagen plant announced in 2014, the factory 220 hectares counts with the mill, paint shop and assembly lines of course. The brand is a significant step, since current Crafter has produced rival Daimler AG in Germany Ludwigsfelde and Düsseldorf. The reason was that they were overworked Mercedes Sprinter.

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