VW California XXL Concept Based Motorhome

VW California XXL Concept Based Motorhome

It’s called the Volkswagen California XXL concept and it’s just been previewed by Volkswagen head office.

Based on the new-generation Volkswagen Crafter, the camper is set for a debut at a German caravan show in a fortnight.

Volkswagen tell us the vehicle, which is not yet confirmed for production, features an innovative body and interior layout that creates lots of space inside.

Based on the Crafter, the California XXL is two-tone motorhome which features an extended roof with a massive sky light. Despite being significantly taller than the standard model, Volkswagen engineers installed “special indentations” on the roof to “ensure that the drag coefficient remains within the favorable range of a conventional Crafter.”

The company only released a couple of interior sketches but said the van is equipped with front seats and a rear bench that can be rotated 180 degrees to provide a make-shift living room. Volkswagen also says the concept has a spacious living area and a comfortable bed that measures approximately two meters long (6.5 feet).

VW California XXL Concept Based Motorhome

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