the Volvo XC40 prototype walks

the Volvo XC40 prototype walks

Fort the best results in its history at the end of fiscal year 2015, Volvo did not stop there way. The Swedish brand, which has been grazed the car of the Year with the seductive XC90 will continue in 2016 its revival with the duo S and V90, and the replacement for the compact V40 in 2017. This last étrennera the platform CMA form (architecture modulary compact, as opposed to the scalable architecture of modulary S, V and XC90).

To leave fuiter to design nothing, a former five-door body builder (a V40 Phase 1 enhanced) carefully dressed the chassis that also will land in the new generations of the V40 and S40. Volvo will present hatchback before the sedan and the compact crossover. For all three, the mechanical part will be entrusted to three engines and turbocharged four-cylinder. The noise corridor suggest that variations and long wheelbase coupe will complete all thereafter.

Given the booming emerging from its XC90 and XC60 success of the unalterable (still number 1 in its segment in Europe in 2015 despite his almost eight years), Volvo can have big ambitions for its future small SUV, ideal model to a new level in sales volumes.

The Belgian Ghent plant will take charge of assembling cars platform operator CMA. A structure belonging to the Chinese Geely will produce those in Asia. Volvo induct the trio in 2017.

the Volvo XC40 prototype walks 1

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