Volvo will no longer produce thermal engines

Volvo will no longer produce thermal engines

There is therefore a good chance that the future Volvo will be equipped with engines of German origin coupled with one or more electric motors. Subsequently, Volvo will reduce the production volume of its hybrid cars to launch 100% electric models.

Besides electrifying its models, safety is a very important aspect for the Swedish brand. The objective is very clear and it is more than ambitious, from 2020, there will be no more fatal accidents that would involve a Volvo!

However, the Swede had made it a strategic brand since the 1990s, especially after the takeover by Geely in 2010 when it was necessary to dissociate itself from Ford.

By refusing to develop its thermal engines in the medium term, and failing apparently to rely on the production of its Chinese owner, it could buy thermal blocks from other manufacturers. The German site even talks about contacts made in this sense with BMW and Volkswagen, without this being formalized by Volvo.

Volvo will no longer produce thermal engines

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