Volvo unveils R Design versions of the S90 and V90

Volvo unveils R Design versions of the S90 and V90

With the V90, Volvo will heal you of all the complex you had perhaps even driving a V70. With 4.9 meters long, the Volvo is sized to compete with German rivals. But we find still damage a car especially focusing on practical aspects lose despite its extension, the trunk volume.

This can get 560 liters in normal configuration. Thanks to the folding bench into two parts, one can reach 1,560 liters. That’s 15 liters less than in the V70, and it is much less than in the imminent new E-Class Estate. Clearly, Volvo announced here that the Lifestyle takes precedence over the rest. And it is true that in exchange for the lost volume, is rewarded with a design full of style and devoid of snobbery.

Volvo had apparently enormously positive opinions on its S90 and V90 which finally relaunching the Swedish manufacturer in the premium full-size, after some lean years where the XC70 and S80 have played the role of big road awhile. Fortunately, the Volvo catalog is great metamorphosis since the creation of the range “90” and the Scandinavian brand has the weapons, now, to play in meeting the German manufacturers.

Volvo launches sports versions today (appearance) R-Design S90 and its new V90. As usual, this is a more dynamic presentation with specific bumpers, new wheels but also a pedal and a specific sport seats and steering wheel to remind the atmosphere a little more special inside.

Inside we also find this sporting atmosphere with sports seats more enveloping Contour, steering wheel and floor mats signed R-Design, or an aluminum pedals.

Finally, note that the preparation of the Volvo S90 and V90 R-Design is not aesthetic since they also include a sports suspension with more dynamic driving. Marketing in France is expected for the month of September 2016.

Volvo unveils R Design versions of the S90 and V90 1

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