Volvo and Audi want to integrate Android into cars

Volvo and Audi want to integrate Android into cars

With the built-in infotainment system it will be possible, for example, to operate your air conditioning, sunroof or windows. Even when you forget your smartphone, you will still be able to use features like Google Maps or Spotify.

Apple CarPlay can also be used with many different brands and connect an iPhone by car. In future, it will be possible to link both an Android device and an iPhone to the car regardless of the operating system.

Also, the cars can be driven with Google Assistant, because they are also built into the system. For example, it should be possible to plan routes, turn on music, send messages and control the temperature, all without getting your hands off the steering wheel and without having to connect your phone. During Google Conference I / O, which starts Wednesday, Google demonstrates an Audi Q8 and a Volvo V90 with standalone Android version.

The system shown in the Audi Q8 Sport Concept includes Spotify, Google Play Music, and Google Assistant. These can be operated from the large MMI screen on the center console. Directly in view of the driver, some of this information can also be read on Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. In addition, the car offers two navigation systems: Audi Here and Google Maps. You should be shy.

Volvo and Audi want to integrate Android into cars

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