Volkswagen T-Roc: Time Difference

Volkswagen T-Roc Time Difference

The small SUV urban T-Roc, with its 4.23 m, is therefore full-fledged in the segment of compacts, booming in Europe. It logically rests on the platform MQB used by plethora of models of the group. Of which the most famous is undoubtedly the Golf VII, longer by just 2 cm. The Tiguan (soon to be seconded by its 7-seater Allspace variant) and the Touareg will complete the T-Cross, which is even more compact than the T-Roc. horse on segments A and B.

Let’s start with the look of this newcomer. A rather remarkable look in general, and especially incredibly daring from a brand that has not accustomed us to that. A face expressive or even aggressive, a trendy profile cut, a two-tone dress, all sprinkled with a few details of an indisputable modernism … If we had wanted to pass the Golf for an old decatious conservative, we would not have taken otherwise ! And at the same time, the design is nothing caricatured “young”, nor a rascal.

Lastly, the tariff starts at € 21,990 for the gasoline 1.0 TSI 115 hp version and peaks at € 36,650 in gasoline (the version tested today) and € 38,590 in diesel (2.0 TDI 150 hp). It is a little less expensive than an equivalent Golf and 2 000 € less, that a Peugeot 3008 similarly motorized. Suffice to say that this T-Roc, produced in Portugal, should shake the planet sedans and compact SUVs.

Volkswagen T-Roc Time Difference

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