Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE

Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE

Despite the recent judgment of the Phaeton (March 2016), the Touareg 2, released in 2010, is not assured of keeping his title flagship of the Volkswagen range. In any case that proves this concept SUV called T-Prime GTE, which with its 5.07 m long and 2 m wide, would almost pass the Touareg for a weakling.

As big as it is, this T-Prime GTE Concept offers only 4 places on board. But in a first class comfort! Designed as a living this cabin, it combines aluminum, leather, wood, for an elegant ensemble. But where it innovates, it is by its digital side, ultra-connected.

Not a single button inside, all the controls are tactile surfaces, and backlit. Gesture control, proximity sensors and voice control are also part. The fully configurable dashboard has two screens, one 12-inch front of the driver that replaces the combination meters, the other 15-inch center for infotainment, which are one. Like a giant screen with a single glass surface that covers it all, also curved. Two screens of 9.6 inches is provided for rear passengers.

Filigree renewal Touareg is emerging in this study T-Prime GTE Concept, high third-generation SUV range with the launch in its production version will take place shortly.

With this T-Prime GTE Concept, Volkswagen continues its offensive in the SUV category. After the second generation Tiguan will follow a long version XL, a model inspired by the T-Roc based on the Golf, and another SUV based on the Polo.

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