Volkswagen Polo is almost ready

Volkswagen Polo is almost ready 1

And for good reason, if the definitive style of the little VW is certainly already fixed, but still kept in the biggest secrecy, some have already glimpsed from where the imagination of such a boil with details strongly Inspired by the Arteon, the coupe-sedan that replaces the CC. If it looks bigger, the future Polo will be really, Volkswagen having already announced a template as big as that of the ultimate generation of Ibiza, his Spanish cousin with whom she shares the new platform MQB A0. Will we see if the Polo will go as far as offering the biggest trunk of the segment (355 l)? In the meantime, the first European and global manufacturer has gleaned some technical information about this future model.

The production of the next generation Volkswagen Polo will begin in June. Today, therefore, it is not surprising that several specimens fine-tuning their “face-to-face” settings around the globe. The latest ones have been spotted in South Africa. And, according to the photos published by our colleagues of Autocar, the Polo is played more than ever “small Golf”.

Corridor noise indicates that its tariffs will start at € 12,500 in Germany. A declination labeled GTI of more than 200 horses will delight lovers of thrills. See you in June to discover it in final version.

Volkswagen Polo is almost ready 1

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