Volkswagen the next Surprise Polo without camouflage

Volkswagen Touareg 2018

It does not look like that, but the current model has just blown its eight candles without taking a wrinkle. Although the car was slightly restyled three years ago, its good aging is mainly due to the choice of sober lines. Volkswagen will logically do the same with the new model, as evidenced by these shots of a copy without any camouflage surprised in South Africa.

The Polo will look like a little Golf (or rather Sportsvan Golf for the front) with angular shapes. Looking at the back, it almost feels like a restyling. Some will complain about this immobility but why change a recipe that works? The silhouette will evolve however in the proportions, with more centimeters in width and less in height.

Unfortunately, this is far from standard on all versions. Thus, our test model, a special First Edition series, was devoid of it and had to be content with simple halogen spotlights with LED daytime running lights. Even more difficult to differentiate with a non-restyled model. Most observers will have noticed the new taillights. For the rest: circulate, there is nothing to see (or almost).

Volkswagen Touareg 2018

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