Volkswagen hybrid the next Golf BlueMotion and GTI

Volkswagen hybrid the next Golf BlueMotion and GTI 1

The next generation of Golf will still be able to count on the BlueMotion label, but also on an electrical architecture of 48 volts that will be associated with a small petrol block. Dr. Herbert Diess has just confirmed this information to Autocar.

This system, currently reserved for the high-end Volkswagen Group, will make its way onto the Golf within two to three years. The BlueMotion version will be particularly concerned since it will pass to the 48-volt gasoline hybrid (which is a mild hybrid and not a full hybrid, ie the car can not operate in 100% electric mode).

Having said that, who would complain? This new mechanics rejoices like its predecessor by its great flexibility, its discretion and its tonus. It is a treat of sweetness. This 1.5 TSI will make more the difference with the engine it replaces in a future 130MB BlueMotion version, more sophisticated still (turbo variable geometry, Miller distribution cycle …).

With an unchanged mechanical approval, the Golf 7 also still provides the same driving sensations, very reassuring, but not really exhilarating. And for good reason, steering and chassis adjustments remain invariable. The engineers of the German brand simply deigned to refine the interventions of the ESP and the electronic differential XDS.

Volkswagen hybrid the next Golf BlueMotion and GTI

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