Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan 2017

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan 2017

Aesthetically, the differences are very discreet but we expected no more after the facelift of the Golf. The shields and the lights are updated, while the Sportsvan Golf takes advantage of new body colors and new rims.

At the level of the face, the designers stretched the headlights, with a new light signature and revised the bars of the grille. They also enlarged the air intake and worked on the shields and bumpers. The rear lights have also been retouched.

The restored Sportsvan Golf is entitled to the “Discover Pro” entertainment system with a 9.2-inch touch screen and gesture controls. Some buttons disappear in favor of tactile functions. Multimedia equipment can be ordered from a tablet via a dedicated application.

For the engines, the offer will consist of three TSI gasoline engines and two TDI diesels. The two most powerful TSIs will be able to count on consumptions contained by a cylinder deactivation system. The restyled Sportsvan will be available to order this Autumn in Germany.

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan 2017

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