The Volkswagen Golf R420

The Volkswagen Golf R420

New rumor around the presentation of the R400 or R420 version of the Golf. A representative of the German mark, addressing Drive, announced a surprise for the month of May or the one of June. Not wishing confirmed that he would be the production version of the R400 concept, it was made clear that this would be “something fast.” While this concept was equipped with a 4-cylinder turbo, the production version could have a 5-cylinder 2.5-liter turbo in reality the block Team Audi RS3.

Presented as a concept in 2014, a time expected in 2015, the Golf R400 420 hp should eventually reach the market in the coming weeks. According to information Drive, it would be presented not on a living but at a festival, probably in May or June.

His presentation, which was hitherto expected, should ultimately as journalists Drive, intervene in June. We will then know how much VW intends to offer this new model, and especially at what price: the latest news, the ticket would be set at around € 50,000.

In fact, two tracks can be preferred: in May the Worthesee festival and in June the Goodwood. Luckily, the first is devoted to the brands of the VW Group, the second speed. In both cases, the Golf R400 would have any legitimacy to be presented. Anyway, the fact that it arrives in 2016 is great, this year we celebrate 40 years of the Golf GTI.

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