The Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI in hybrid

The Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI in hybrid

With more than 500,000 sales in Europe each year and 125,000 in France, we understand why the manufacturer is cautious. The slight evolutions of this phase 2 relate to the front and rear bumpers and the full LED light signature.

Thus, under the impetus of the current GTE, all Golf would become potentially hybrid. These micro-hybrids will have a fuel economy similar to diesel, better acceleration, but also a similar purchase cost, or even slightly lower according to Herbert Diess. This massive hybridization of the Golf 8 will include the sports GTI which could boost its performance while maintaining its “big” 2.0L turbo.

“The micro-hybrids will have equivalent consumptions and better accelerations, but will have a similar price, or even a little less,” explained the official. The same source says that these versions would combine a 4-cylinder petrol turbo 1.5 liter with a small electric motor.

The eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf is expected by 2020. Recall that the sports version GTI will also pass to the hybrid, from a 2.0-liter engine displacement.

The Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI in hybrid

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