Volkswagen confirms return of Pepper line

Volkswagen confirms return of Pepper line

The automaker reported that the Pepper version for Up! Will be based on the High version, which was already sold in Brazil. But as long as Pepper stocks last at dealerships, High will not be sold. In this case the model can be found with a 1.0 turbo engine of 105 horses, with manual transmission of 5 gears.

The list of equipment includes electric steering, air conditioning, front windows, power locks and mirrors, integrated cell phone holder with USB input, LED ambient light panel, right-side tilt-down mirrors and integrated steering lights (Park pilot), rain and light sensors (twilight) and “Coming & Leaving Home” function.

Inside, the up! Pepper has multifunctional leather-wrapped with red stitching as well as benches. The red is also in the air vents, shift knob and the emblems of the version embroidered on the seats.

The power steering does not offer as many benefits as electric assistance, such as reduced fuel consumption and progressive weight gain, but it is very communicative and transmits safety at higher speeds. However, an engine with more of a breath would be welcome on the road and also to deal with the extra weight of the loaded hopper.

Volkswagen confirms return of Pepper line

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