Vision Coup Preview of the 6

Mazda Vision coupé : Kodo 2.0

Indeed, we expected a much less bold, modern and minimalist model for this version 2.0! However, Mazda made us all the pleasant surprise to propose a model much closer to its initial concept-car than the curves that we see on all the cars already pacing our streets.

Beneath its long hood and its very remote cabin, the Mazda Vision Coupe concept could hide the new hybrid set that Mazda is preparing and for which the rotary engine should make a comeback in the form of a range extender.

The Kai Concept is a taste of the upcoming Mazda 3. Under the hood, the new Skyactiv-X, a compression-ignition gasoline engine, is worthy of note. The term “Kai” meaning “pioneer”, the tone is given for this evolution of the style for the builder.

We also discover a partially glazed roof that will probably stay on this concept car unless Mazda has decided to go all the way and maximize the appeal of this sedan that is a pleasure to see.

We will appreciate the rear end, solid, sporty and wide visually due to the double round lights and two exhaust outlets spaced apart from each other in a black rear skirt that does not pretend!

Mazda Vision coupé : Kodo 2.0


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