Velar sets a new standard for luxury SUVs

Velar sets a new standard for luxury SUVs

The extremely short overhang at the front is contrasted by quite a large one at the rear which, in our eyes, can make it appear a touch dumpy. That said, the door handles which electronically retract to become flush with the car’s bodywork are an extremely neat touch, and it all works together to create a car that looks more like a concept rather than a vehicle that you can actually go out and buy.

The original Range Rover became one of the defining cars of the last century thanks to its perfect marriage of luxury and technology, and the Velar looks to continue that ethos. To find out if it’s succeeded, TechRadar hit the winding roads (and a ski slope) of Norway in one.

The Velar has different underpinnings than any other Range Rover or Land Rover. It uses sister-brand Jaguar’s aluminium platform, so it’s related to the Jaguar F-Pace. Don’t imagine it feels like a Jaguar though. Instead it goes down the road with that considered, plush motion of Range Rovers.

The Velar name comes from the fake badge put on the original Range Rover prototype to confuse rivals about its origins and relates to the Latin ‘velare’, to hide or conceal. But this one’s got nothing to hide.

On looks alone it’s a real beauty with a modern, contemporary aerodynamically streamlined silhouette. Pop-out door handles sit flush to the body until needed, and then recede back like a closing drawer. Sitting on wheels of up to 22 inches adds to its sheer presence.

Velar sets a new standard for luxury SUVs

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