Vans Fiat news for Talent and Fiorino

Vans Fiat news for Talent and Fiorino

“Born to be professional”. Is the slogan chosen by FCA to present the new range of vehicles for light transport. Renewed in just two years, the series includes Fullback, Talent, Fiorino, Doblo and Ducato thus covering all segments, with an eye also to the transport of people and transformed vehicles. It offers every body type, scope and volume; It provides a comprehensive choice of wheelbases, length and height, as well as motors with different power supplies (gasoline, diesel, LPG and CNG).

Fiat Professional has ended 2015 by selling 10% more in the world (1,152,000 units) and offers a completely renewed range, where the oldest vehicle (the Duchy) has only two years. Variants renovated the other models were presented a few days ago in Turin and introduce improvements under the aesthetic profile, equipment and engines, designed according to the company to improve sales results expected in 2016. The common denominator between all means is the very wide variety of customization offers: the Duchy for example can be ordered in more than 10,000 body variants, obtainable by combining different body solutions, chassis, engine or mechanical.

The Ducato is a commercial that in 35 years, with its six generations, has been chosen by more than 2.9 million business customers. “To which we must add more than 600 thousand families traveling with a camper on a Fiat Ducato, for years the industry leader and benchmark of the category: over 75% of campers in circulation is on Ducato base,” notes Gostoli. In 2014 the model has been renovated to meet the new needs of users, with a new and cozy cabin, a next-generation infotainment system, more technology. The new Euro 6 engines with EGR or SCR technology Lp, two systems that reduce particulate emissions.

Vans Fiat news for Talent and Fiorino 1

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