The valuation of Tesla flies

The valuation of Tesla flies

While the company still making losses, it must take a major shift, that of industrialization. To be profitable, you have the manufacturer produces more, an increase in production also aim to reduce the numerous applications received for its new model. But for this, it takes money.

Obviously, raising money is not a problem for Tesla because the manufacturer has already managed to raise several billion dollars. This was also repeated on Friday. In order to increase its capital by $ 1.46 billion (€ 1.3 billion) to increase its production capacity, the company sold 6.8 million new shares. Through this operation, the company is now valued at over $ 4.5 billion (€ 3.9 billion). In addition, the New York Stock Exchange, the action Tesla finished Thursday with a gain of 1.9% to 215.2 dollars.

The manufacturer has played the collaboration card. In that a representative of the brand Tesla came even thank both security specialists have been able to identify vulnerabilities in the system of the car. At the same time, the sales representative has promoted the “Bug Bounty Program” program that rewards hackers were able to find vulnerabilities. Immediately, the manufacturer has released a security patch to correct the faults. This kind of collaboration is not new, indeed many corporations use hackers to identify any gaps in their networks. Nevertheless, the question remains whether this method is actually effective.

The valuation of Tesla flies 1

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