This V8 Powered Miata MX-5

This V8 Powered Miata MX-5

Power figures are rated at a droolworthy 525PS and 663Nm. Notable upgrades include a rear differential from a Chevrolet Camaro SS and a new Tremec T56, 6-speed manual transmission.  Needless to say, other important mechanical bits including the suspension and the brakes have been beefed up to account for the added power. What’s more, there’s a roll cage bolted on for good measure as well!

The best part is that the Miata has gained only 119kg from the whole set of modifications. That can be easily looked over considering the fact that it has 370PS of extra power to deal with the added weight. The weight distribution, that Miatas are so famous for is relatively unchanged too, at 53.4:46.6 (vs 52:48 stock).

Those are crank figures, by the way, and to cope with them, Flyin’ Miata offers a long list of upgrades, including a carbon fiber driveshaft, bigger brakes, ceramic coating for the headers and cat pipes.

All parts used in the conversion are brand new, as the company utilizes as many factory parts as possible in order to ease servicing right down to the rubber in the motor mounts, and provide a warranty. Moreover, apart from the traction control, all other functions are left intact, albeit the electric power steering is replaced with a hydraulically assisted unit with a variable ratio.

The conversion only adds about 250 pounds to the stock MX-5’s 2,328-lb curb weight. And the weight distribution comes close to the stock 52:48 front-to-rear spread. This should make the car drive much like a stock model. In fact, Flyin’ Miata says the car still gains traction when coming out of the corners, even with all of the extra grunt.

Flyin’ Miata already has a substantial list of orders and says the first cars should be delivered in early 2017.

This V8 Powered Miata MX-5 1

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