An update for the Toyota Prius +

New for the Toyota Prius +

The system also benefits from free map updates and online connected services, which includes subscription to TomTom traffic information in real time, Coyote, information on fuel prices, location, the availability of parking lots and their rates, weather forecasts, access to Street View, Google Search (points of interest), Aha, AUPEO! and Twitter.

In addition, Toyota announced it made the quieter model to reduce the noise of “coffee grinder” under hard acceleration, the engine speed was reduced to 1,000 rev / min without losing performance. The addition of various soundproofing materials also helps reduce noise. Toyota Grand Prius will be recalled that + is powered by a hybrid engine (combining a 1.8 gasoline engine and electric unit) of 136 hp.

While the Prius IV has arrived in concession, Toyota now brings a few changes to his minivan. Apart from the appearance to chart a new black dress Cobalt, nothing changes externally. However, powertrain management (which combines an atmospheric 1.8 Atkinson cycle and an electric motor for a total output of 136 hp) is reviewed for more fluidity, thanks to the increased use of electric motor. The brand has undoubtedly benefited for that net progress made by the new generation Prius in terms of driving pleasure. It also announces an optimized soundproofing in every corner of the cabin.

The other change on the new Prius + is the vintage software update GPS Toyota Touch multimedia system 2. Graphics reviewed, new features, improved ergonomics, all in particular including three years of subscription to TomTom Traffic Info and Coyote application. What to allow the only hybrid minivan market to see come before his replacement on the basis of the Prius IV and his new tnga platform (Toyota New Global Architecture).

New for the Toyota Prius +

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