Unconquerable in war and in peace Jeep turns 75

Unconquerable in war and in peace Jeep turns 75

The Jeep is one of the vehicles with more fans in the world. They are tough, impressive, powerful and why not say, appealing to the eye.

75 years ago the Jeep appeared on the battlefields of World War II as the flagship transport of US troops. That vehicle went from war to the streets and rough terrain.

The winning prototype was presented by American Bantam BRC. However the car was far from perfect and American Bantam, which was a company with very limited financial resources, was in no position to address the improvements required by the army, much less production. The basic design of American Bantam was awarded to Willys-Overland and Ford who presented their improved the Quad and the Pygmy or GP versions respectively.

Logically, the color chosen for the body is olive green classic military vehicles. On the plate also look a series of vinyls which include the historical date on which it was produced. The aesthetic is completed bonnet closures, military green olive drab “lifelong” and the symbols and references with which all Willys MB then counted. The only change, bronze commemorative stamps on the front fenders.

Unconquerable in war and in peace Jeep turns 75

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