Turn your old into new Tesla Model S

Turn your old into new Tesla Model S

The American trainer Unplugged therefore proposes to modify your old Tesla. And transform you, so that it resembles in every point facelifté model that just came out recently. The transformation cost $ 2,495 or more just over 2000 €.

The preparer is clear addition: the transformation that may suffer the vehicle is completely reversible and does absolutely not about the mechanics or the technical part, but only aesthetic. That said, it must still know that the new grille does not carry the Tesla shield and for legal reasons. He’ll need to get the logo on the old grille … Note that compatible models are the Model S products 2012 to 2016.

This submersible car fascinates so Tesla CEO it is the subject of an easter egg, a glance, the interface of the sedan. When trying to access the service menu by entering the code 007, the Model S displayed on the suspension setting screen is replaced by the amphibious car of the secret agent.

But Elon Musk especially reaffirms that always aims to design a sports car both submersible and able to ride on the road. It states that it is only a side project, due to the limited commercial potential. It is nevertheless realistic. There are already convertible car by boat. But with an electric motor, which requires no air supply Unlike a combustion engine, the hard part is done. It remains “only” to design the control surfaces and a system to move from land to sea.

We knew the James Bond Lotus Esprit turning into submarine, bought by Elon Musk, Tesla boss. We can now count on the fact that Tesla fleet advance on the water! Some time…

Turn your old into new Tesla Model S

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