Trucks Ford received five-year warranty service

Trucks Ford received five-year warranty service

“Ford Trucks excel by their robustness and reliability, enabling us to offer our customers this special and desired action. The owners of our vehicles so they can blithely pursue their business without thinking about the cost, “said the technical director of the Czech Ford Dusan Fornůsek.

The first part of the promotions for the models listed above constitute a warranty of five years or 200 000 km. That of course does not cover parts subject to normal wear (typically brake pads), but otherwise covers all the essential components of the car, just follow the prescribed maintenance intervals.

All these vehicles are equipped with new and proven diesel engines ecoblue that in addition to increased power and torque boast lower fuel consumption and lower noise levels especially. Newly Ford again offers AWD on select models Transit Custom and series, as well as automatic transmissions.

Ford is currently the best selling brand of commercial vehicles in Europe and Transit models are the totals of up to and over 3,000 kg continuously leader of the Czech market for 25 years.

Trucks Ford received five-year warranty service

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