Toyota’s fast-paced Land Cruiser

Toyota's fast-paced Land Cruiser

According to Edwards, the Land Speed ​​Cruiser was even harder when the job was long enough. The Toyota gets its huge muscle power from a vigorously modified version of the 5.7-liter V8, with which it is available. Toyota screws two Garrett turbos of VB format volleyball turbines that deliver up to 55 psi of pressure. Customized cylinders and a new manifold combine with these two turbos for the enormous increase in power.

Sailliant detail: according to Edwards, the Land Cruiser started at a speed of 362 km / h “[…] to turn out to be crazy”. We can imagine that.

Then Toyota picked up the aerodynamics and stability of the Land Cruiser. The Speed ​​variant is lower, has a different wheel suspension and is equipped with wide Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

His first run ended at a top speed of almost 340 km / h, but after Toyota’s engineers turned turbo pressure, suddenly the 370 km / h reached sight. The fastest production SUV is still the Bentley Bentayga, with a maximum speed of 301 km / h.

Toyota's fast-paced Land Cruiser

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