Toyota Yaris Hybrid replaces diesel

Toyota Yaris Hybrid replaces diesel

When we met Didier Leroy, the world number two Toyota and northern, before the press conference, we talked rallies, Yaris, but he “forgot” to tell us that the Yaris GRMN (for Gazoo Racing Master of Nurburgring, The famous circuit where its development took place) would be produced in Valenciennes, on the same chain as the very wise and very eco-friendly Yaris hybrids, which continue to ensure the fine days of the site (40% of the production).

Optimized in several areas for greater ease of use and on the road between new exhaust muffler, larger engine roller limiter, new front drive shafts, new air box inlet, electric power steering alterations and Shock absorbers especially for that which displays 110 hp and 111 Nm at 75 g / km of CO2.

Well used, it must allow the Yaris GRMN to reach 100 km / h in 6 ”. Large grooved brake discs, red Brembo calipers, nothing is missing. Same in the cockpit with bucket seats GZ with red and white stitching.

For its second restylage unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show (March 9 to 19), the 5-seater model receives a new muzzle and a new stern that incorporates large fires in two parts. Available to order since the end of February, the restylée version will be officially launched in April. In Europe, it retains its title as the only hybrid city car on the market.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid replaces diesel 1

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