Toyota Voxy / Noah / Esquire improved new modelelista

Toyota Voxy ,Noah ,Esquire improved new modelelista

Regarding Esquire, line up a dress-up item that produces a styling and a sense of luxury with a sense of dignity full of concept “Majestic × Premium”. Aside from large-sized plated parts, we launched the “Modelista Aero Kit (16 million yen) (163,080 yen)” that further enhances the luxury of the base car while producing a change in the upwardly changing appearance.

As an exterior item, items such as “Aero kit”, plus items such as “food garnish”, “mirror garnish”, “back door garnish”, “plus a premium feeling” and “cool shine kit” are available. For the new Voxie’s aero grade, we set the “Signature Illuminated Blade”, which features a blue LED and plating decoration, which is attached to the fog bezel part.

In addition, convenient interior equipment such as center console box, passenger’s seat back table, USB terminal for charging etc. is enriched. In addition to adding a seal to the sliding door to improve the sound insulation, the company further improved the appeal of the product by improving the quietness and ride comfort by reviewing the body rigidity and improving the shock absorber.

In addition, Esquire has newly set Gi “Premium Package” of the highest grade package stuck to the sense of quality of interior, such as exclusive seat skin and decoration.

In addition, as a package option for the base car, we set the “side lift-up tilt seat attached car” which the second seat rotates forward when getting on and off, as Voxyy “X”, Noah “X”, Esquire “Xi” and in October Release

Toyota Voxy ,Noah ,Esquire improved new modelelista

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