Toyota unveils all-terrain

Toyota unveils all-terrain

At least, the FT-AC looks its part as a brawler with the fat-slat on the hexagonal grille, angular (read angry) headlamps, bash plates and of course, the LED bars on the roof. The skid plates under the running boards, the squared cladded arches and roof-rails add muscle to the profile.

The small SUV has a prominent grille design with black and silver detailing as well as slivered LED headlights. The fog lights can be removed, and there are twin hooks for vehicle recovery. Skid plates protect the front and rear overhangs from kicked -up debris.

And to help lighten the area for the cameras at night, the cargo roof-rack system includes LED marker lights at its front corners that not only provide light for the vehicle and the trail ahead but also can be used as a flash for the side-mirror cameras. The opening is flanked by high-powered LED headlamps and fog lights, the latter which can be removed from their mounts and used as portable lights.

Power comes from a petrol engine of an unconfirmed size, but Toyota said that the FT-AC could also accommodate a hybrid powertrain. Like the front LED lights, the rear-facing LED roof rack lights can assist during nighttime adventures and can be controlled using a mobile device. The Insider Car News

Toyota unveils all-terrain

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