Toyota I-Tril Concept

Toyota I-Tril Concept 1

The i-TRIL concept car in Geneva is equipped with Toyota’s Active Lean technology. In other words, thanks to the articulation between the rear axle and the passenger compartment, the body and the front wheels tilt while the motorized rear wheels remain constantly perpendicular to the road surface. A characteristic that ensures undeniable driving pleasure, according to its designers.

So much so that Toyota says that future drivers will have so much fun at the wheel that they will almost never use the “autonomous driving” feature that is also on the program!

This small machine (600 kg for 2,830 mm long and 1,460 mm high) is carved for the city with its turning radius of four meters (identical to the iQ) and is proposed in electric motorization on which Toyota delivers no Given.

Finally, the Active Leane tilt technology is used when steering, acceleration and braking are performed by electronic by-wire linkage.

According to Toyota, the I-Tril concept intends to be an alternative to “mini-cars and city cars (segments A and B)” and “electric vehicles” such as “public transport and motorized two-wheelers”.

Toyota I-Tril Concept

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