Toyota releases new “Voxy” “Noah” “Esquire”

Toyota releases new "Voxy" "Noah" "Esquire"

On July 3, Toyota / Voxy / Noah / Esquire 3 brothers minivan received a minor change and began selling the same day.

The biggest point of interest is changing the look to more impressive things, changing the design of front grille and rear combination lamp, including adoption of “Bi-Beam LED” headlamps, surface emission LED clearance lamps.

This time, the spoty Voxie · fearless Noah · luxurious feel Esquire, which further highlights the personality. In addition to that, minor improvements have been made to enhance usability as a minivan. On the other hand, power performance and safety equipment are the same as before.

In addition to the old and new models of each of the 3 brothers from the next page, as well as photos of Alphard / Velfire are also posted, so please compare them thoroughly.

Esquire also emphasizes advanced and fearlessness with the adoption of Bai Beam LED headlamp and surface emission LED clearance lamp, strengthening the feeling of luxury and “dignified feeling” through design improvement of the front grill. Newly set the highest grade package “Gi” Premium Package “with high-quality indoor space.

Toyota releases new "Voxy" "Noah" "Esquire"

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