Toyota Rav4 lowered price and added safety

Toyota Rav4 lowered price and added safety

With this measure, the entire range offers standard stability control (ESP), start and descent assistant on slopes (HAC and DAC), and three airbags (the driver’s knee air bag was added). In turn, the VX versions now have seven airbags in total.

In addition, lights with bi-LED technology accompanied with LED DRL were incorporated in the VX versions.

The mechanics remain intact: engine 2.0 liters of 146 hp and CVT box for the 4×2 and 2.5 liter versions of 180 hp and six-speed automatic box for the 4×4.

Toyota wants to present a new battle in the mid-sized SUV segment and has therefore “repositioned” its RAV4 model, with an adjustment in the price of its different versions and greater availability of the product to serve its customers.

It should be remembered that the vehicle received an update in July last year, giving it a stronger and more dynamic image to differentiate it from its competitors. At that time it incorporated elements such as audio with 7-inch touch screen with satellite navigator, CD, MP3, Bluetooth, auxiliary inputs and USB as standard. In terms of safety, it added stability control (VSC), traction control (TRC), slope start assist (HAC), LED taillight and knee airbag for the driver.

Toyota Rav4 lowered price and added safety

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