Toyota Prius regained the top position with strong PHV

Toyota "Prius" regained the top position with strong PHV

New car sales ranking in May 2017 announced by the Japan Automobile Sales Association Federation and the National Federation of Light Motor Association Federations.

Toyota Motor’s “Prius” reached the top for the first time in seven months with a ranking of registered vehicles and mini vehicles. Among them, sales of “Prius PHV” which improved fully in February were good. Toyota “C-HR” top of the previous month retreated to 3rd place. Honda “N-BOX” is second. N-BOX maintains the top for 16 consecutive months, looking at only mini-cars ranking.

Daihatsu Industry “Mira” which ranked 4th in ranking 25 from last month. “Mirais”, which was completely improved on May 9, 2017, led the sales.

The sales volume of registered passenger cars was 20 6936 units, an increase of 6.7% from the same month the year before. The number of light four-wheel passenger cars is also 105,555 units, which is good with an increase of 29.2%. Although six mini vehicles entered the top 10, only two models were ranked from 11th to 20th.

Toyota "Prius" regained the top position with strong PHV

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