Toyota Prius Prime 2017


On the road, we are pleasantly surprised … to the extent that we accept the limits of a hybrid car. The performance of the Prius Prime is not dull, the direction is precise and allows a good feedback. However, tires with low rolling resistance limit grip.

In purely electric mode, you can drive up to 135 km / h before you need the petrol engine. At the presentation, Toyota promised an electric autonomy of 35 km. On the other hand, we could easily reach 50 km. Once the battery is flat, or almost, the gasoline engine takes over the relay in a completely transparent way. At the end of our journey, our gasoline consumption was 4.7 l / 100 km.

If you like green cars that do not go unnoticed, we recommend the Prius Prime! Unless you prefer the impressive figures of electric autonomy of the Tesla and other Chevrolet Bolt of this world …


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