Toyota Prius Excel Hybrid

Toyota Prius Excel Hybrid

Then there’s the all-new styling. From its earliest versions, Toyota has chosen polarizing designs guaranteed to stand out. The second-generation hatch (2003-2009), a midsize liftback, established the Prius “look,” described by one wag as having all the style of an orthopedic shoe. The third generation (2009-15) continued that theme, with some slight modifications.

Those cars might have seemed a bit offbeat at the time, but at least their designs were cohesive. But the 2016? With its overwrought intersections of curves and angles, particularly in the car’s rear, the latest Prius is definitely the most bizarre-looking vehicle on the American road.

Quality of interior fixtures, however, is good – markedly better than the previous model – although the white plastic on the steering wheel and central console caused some raised eyebrows as some people thought it looked “cheap” and would be better in black or chrome. I quite like it as it has a futuristic look about it (Think 2001: A Space Odyssey) which is what I assume the designers were going for.

So, did I enjoy my week with the Toyota Prius? Yes I did and it would be a serious contender if I were looking for a spacious family hatchback in the £25,000 to £30,000 price bracket because it was just so easy to live with and with Toyota’s reputation for build-quality I would think that would stay relevant for quite some time.

The fact that it is a hybrid is now a bonus rather than a compromise as it is such a pleasant car to drive and can return an incredible 85.6 mpg with a CO2 rating of just 76 g/km.Now, is there a tree around here that needs a hug?

Toyota Prius 2016 Review

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