Toyota Pixis Joy

Toyota Pixis Joy

Toyota offers a new model in its home market. The Pixis Joy belongs to the famous class of Kei Cars and comes in three different versions: the adventurer C Joy, Joy F elegant and athletic Joy S.

Finally, everything is relative sport knowing that Kei Cars are limited in power by engine size and in order to benefit from a series of advantages in Japan. To stand out in the mass of millions of Kei Car, Toyota Pixis Joy adopts a neo-retro style.

Pinch Manga and all the criteria necessary for tax deductions (3,40 m and 660 cc): the kei-cars are a phenomenon in Japan. Japan’s Cabinet concessions Toyota now offer the Pixis Joy for this particular segment. The manufacturer has also been helped by the group Daihatsu, specialist in the matter.

In its declination S, the Pixis Joy gives adventurer tunes being 4WD. With his sequined grille, the F variant wants to be more glamorous than others. The S version is the sport even if 63 hp may still seem a bit just to make the competition.

In its three versions, the Pixis Joy differ in finish, shield, colors and special trim. They are entitled to a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Outside of Japan, there is very little chance to acquire a Pixis Joy.

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