Toyota Motor, “Voxy” “Noah” “Esquire” minor change

Toyota Motor, "Voxy" "Noah" "Esquire" minor change

Specifically, due to adoption of a Bi-Beam LED headlamp, a surface-emitting LED clearance lamp, design change of the front grille and rear combination lamp, Voxy is sporty, Noah is fearlessness, Esquire is luxury It evolved into a majestic style that enhanced the feeling.

For Voxie’s “ZS” and exclusive exterior parts wearing “ZS” and Noah’s “Si”, a 16-inch aluminum wheel with dark gray metallic paint was newly adopted for cutting lighting processing. Body color is 7 colors for both models, Voxy has adopted a newly developed “Inazum Sparking Black Glass Flake”, Noah has adopted a new setting color “Luxury White Pearl Crystal Shine Glass Flake”.

On July 3, Toyota released a minor change to the compact minivans “Voxy”, “Noah” and “Esquire”. The price is Voxyy and Noah from 2,467,720 yen to 3,269,160 yen (4WD cars are 190,000 yen to 20,5200 yen high), Esquire is 2.67 million 5160 yen to 3,358,800 yen (4 wheel vehicles are 19,000 yen to 20 It is 5200 yen high). Also, in October we will release Vehicley and Noah’s X, Esquire’s Xi based side lift-up tilt seat equipped car (consumption tax exemption).

Besides that, Esquire has newly set the highest grade package “Gi Premium Package” that sticks to the quality of interior decoration. We adopted exclusive seat skin which combines synthetic leather with Brannove which we decorated Brown laser line with line pattern and quilted vertical tone according to decoration.

Toyota Motor, "Voxy" "Noah" "Esquire" minor change

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